Egalite Main Page

The Egalite Instant Messenger

Egalite is a Instant Messenger program.

It provides server-based chat and presence for XMPP compatible servers, such as jabber and google talk, and many others.

Unlike other Instant Messenger programs, Egalite also provides direct chat over SSL sockets without server interaction. Direct chat won't store your conversations on servers, so the content is between you and the second party to the conversation. This works particularly well with IPv6.

You can Download Egalite and you can read the manual.

You can see your buddy lists for GChat or Jabber

And chat with people

You can generate SSL Certificates to identify yourself to other direct chat users that you know

You can see who wants to talk to you

You can manage your contacts

You can configure a whole bunch of parameters to your liking

You can talk to friends and strangers in IRC

Manage your IRC server names and nicks

And of course you can Download Egalite and you can read the manual.

Egalite is also in a few repos as an RPM and DEB:

There is an IRC channel for egalite on, called #egalite, which you can join below. Make sure you are registered with nickserv.